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Ticket Information
Guarantee the same great seat for the entire 2009 Tim Hortons Brier and enjoy benefits that include admission to the Labatt Patch and Purple Heart Lounge.

The Champ Evening and Weekend Ticket Packages

Now curling fans have two great new ways to experience Championship Weekend at the 2009 Season of Champions events.

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November 1st marks the introduction of The Champ – two specially-priced ticket packages that allow you to get the maximum enjoyment out of the final weekend playoff action at the Tim Hortons Brier in Calgary.

For those who work all day, there's the Evening Champ consisting of three weeknight draws, plus the final weekend. And if you like a good, long weekend – you'll love the Weekend Champ, starting with the final three round robin draws on Thursday.


 The Evening Champ. Includes evening draws on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday... plus the whole playoff round on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

 The Weekend Champ. Includes the final three round-robin draws on Thursday... plus the whole playoff round on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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